Why close the sound in Left and Right when it can space in a three-dimensional world?
The potentials of the 3D Space Mix in Music, Videogames and Cinematography are almost unlimited,
not being constrained by restrictive parameters of stereo mixing. Positioning and moving an instrument or 

a sound in a 3D environment makes the music live in the true sense of the word.

Thanks to Texture Materials, it is possible to build "sound rooms" ad hoc and with specific refractions and materials such as wood, marble, glass or other material, or mix them together, creating a well-defined acoustic space that is perfectly recognizable by the human ear.
If we consider that every instrument, or sound, can be moved in the environment while it is playing, we can understand the infinite possibilities that Binaural 3D Mixing can give.

Here is an example of partial processing in Binaural 3D Mixing on an Electro / Pop / Ambient piece

Virtual Room construction e Texture Materials. 

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