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The importance of a successful YouTube channel nowadays is nothing short of fundamental,  in terms of music, brand and project, and to present a business card version 2.0.
It is not only essential to upload video content on the Google platform constantly but also, and above all, the way they are going to be published, as well as optimized and shared.
With qualified and certified YouTube staff, and with the help of tools dedicated exclusively to digital aggregators, MUSIC RAILS is able to provide the perfect mix of professionalism and investment for a positive feedback, agreed upon the artist and producer needs.

For this reason we can work on three main levels: Single Video Optimization, YouTube Channel Optimization, Increase of views through Google AdWords custom campaign

Optimizing your single video

Many artists, especially nowadays, opt for the creation of a single audio with its video clip to be used both as recognition and as a focal point of the musical project itself.

Unfortunately, many content on YouTube, despite being high profile, suffer from a lack of optimization and SEO positioning once uploaded to the Google platform.
The purpose of MUSIC RAILS, in this specific case, is to optimize the video of interest to make it appear in the first page of the research and automatically suggested to the best "new customer" from the algorithm of YouTube itself.

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Optimizing your YouTube channel

How many times have you ever watched a music video, end up watching it in the background, and notice that another video is already playing, most of the time by the same artist or the same Label?
This is called "custom playlist" and is in fact one of the best ways to optimize the YouTube channel by increasing its popularity and more.
In this case MUSIC RAILS, through the tools specifically created to be used by digital aggregators, will deal with all the aspects that can be optimized, visible or not, in the YouTube channel to be improved.


  •  Graphic: banner, channel image

  • "About" section: description, social link

  • Enabling external links: to ensure that they can be inserted as cards or end screens within each video (website, Beatport, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play etc ..)

  • Creating and customizing playlists with automatic remind when publishing

  • TAG channel and channel name optimization

  • Branding and channel category

  • Default upload

  • Custom CTA

    HP layout, subscribption and customized section

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Google AdWords

When an artist wants to get noticed on YouTube,  the main aim is to increase the views of his video, but this is only partially correct.
In order to have a strong content on YouTube, it is necessary to ensure that the content is interactive and that it can be a means of interaction between the creator of the content and the focused public.
For those who demand immediate results, but also for those who need to sell their product on YouTube, music or non-music, you need to work closely with Google AdWords.
MUSIC RAILS has qualified and certified staff able to estimate, set up, manage and follow an AdWords campaign with different objectives, from the increase of content interaction to the sale of a product on the Youtube platform through a video teaser.

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